Determining your travelling priorities

There are a variety of reasons to think about before buying a Caravan / Rv; Firstly it’s a matter of determining your priorities and how much comfort you wish to live in whilst you travel. Then planning if purpose is for a family holiday, regular short trips, extended bush travels or extended retirement travels.

They are all a bit different but not necessarily mutually exclusive –  A 16ft caravan is an easier towing proposition than a 22ft caravan but the latter will certainly give you much more living space. So if you are planning lengthy travel but with relatively short stays then the shorter van may have more appeal. However, longer stays might mean a longer van!

Having a family with the necessary space might result in a caravan that far exceeds the budget and tow vehicle capabilities. However, a camping trailer with slide-out ends is much cheaper and can easily be handled by the family sedan. Having said that, It’s important to consider the aerodynamics and overall weight of the caravan. Some of the things you could ask yourself in regards to choosing a larger caravan are:

  • Does your current vehicle have the towing capacity needed or would you need to purchase another vehicle?
  • Are you prepared to spend a little more on the extra fuel needed to tow a heavier caravan?

There are also reasons in regards to comfort and luxuries for choosing a caravan that has more interior space and features. Some of these questions you may ask yourself are:

  • How many beds would be adequate for your caravan?
  • What sort of sleeping arrangements do I need – end double bed, island bed or single beds?
  • Am I planning on having visitors, children or taking grandchildren along?
  • How do I like to cook – making heavy use of the microwave oven or by a conventional oven and separate grill or all of the above?
  • Are you prepared to spend a little more for your creature comforts and luxuries?
  • Do I want a shower and toiler on board? Many caravans these days have a shower and toilet but that adds both weight and length and if you are planning on staying mostly in caravan parks, then will you want those items?
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