Fiamma Awning F45 L



“Bigger is Better, making the F45 L the best choice for your holidays”

The Fiamma f45 L is a larger sized awning , perfect for bigger Motorhomes and RV’s.

Fiamma Awnings back the Fiamma Awning f45 L as one of there best Fiamma Store sellers!

With its renewed and modern design, the Fiamma f45 L Awning technical improvements make this Awning more advanced and functional for a big shaded area for the whole family.

Fiamma Awning f45 L – Features & Benefits


Reinforced Leg Knuckle Arms preset for Led Drip moulding Roller support

Choosing Guide

Fiamma Awning f45 is Perfect for most RV’s, Motorhomes and camper vans.

Designed for wall installation. Delivered with standard installation brackets. Special adapters are on request.

Technical Features


Fiamma store manufactures the only awning with silent opening thanks to a German TUV certified Auto self-locking Perfect Closingwinch safety system.

Long life Aluminum mechanical parts offer you a quality product vastly superior to comparable mechanisms on the market.

The security of Fiamma Awning f45 is guaranteed by the dual security system. The device indicates the correct closure of front bar by two plastic flags inside end caps.


Extra Srong Arms

Highly resistant reinforced articulated arms with strong 3.5 mm wire cables.

They are proof tested for more than 10.000 cycles of opening and closing and can maintain a steady fabric tension of up to 32 Kg.


Absorber Dual ShockOnly Fiamma Awnings has the Dual Shock-Absorber which protects both your vehicle and your awning.

The arms are fixed with the certified double bolt system “Double Block” which grants more stability and ease of regulation.


Double GuideAll Fiamma Awnings are equipped with a double guide on the lead bar allowing the installation of two front panels, for example:

1. Privacy Room and Sunscreen long wall
2. Blocker and Tie Down S

3. Sunscreen long wall and Awning Hangers


One Way RollHave you ever completely retracted your awning only to find that the canvas has rolled the wrong way around the roller tube, meaning that it no longer closes? Not possible with a Fiamma Awning f45!

The One Way Roll is an ingenious patented mechanism that prevents the canvas from ever retracting the wrong side of the roller tube.

You can’t go wrong!


Secure LockThe telescopic system of the legs with manual locking allows the regulation of the lead bar height.

This system allows you to regulate the height of the Fiamma Awning f45 according to your needs.

Fiamma Awnings have a dual fixing possibility for its incorporated legs to the wall and to the ground.


Presto FixThe Fiamma Awning is the only awning with a new patented adjusting system that enables you to gauge the closing of the front bar.

If over a period of time, one side should stop closing perfectly due to fabric and arm movements, you can use Presto Fix to realign the closing of the front bar.

Fiamma Awning f45 L  Components and Hardware

Fiamma Awning f45 L Components & Hardware Fiamma Components & Hardware 2

Fiamma Awning f45 L – Canopy Colours

Fiamma Vinyl Colours - Deluxe Grey | Ocean Blue Fiamma Vinyl Colours 1

Fiamma Awning f45 L – Specifications

Fiamma Awning f45 L Specs

Fiamma Awning f45 L Size Drawing

Fiamma Awning Centre Rafter Diagram

Fiamma Awning f45 L – Prices

Range from 2.6m up to 4.5m in 50cm increments
  • Length 4.5m / Depth – 2.4m
    • $ 1704.30
  • Length 5.0m / Depth – 2.4m
    • $1987.20
  • Length 5.5m / Depth – 2.4m
    • $2477.10

Fiamma Awning f45 L – Instruction For Use

PDF Download

F45S_Instruction for use_Screenshot

Fiamma Awning f45 L – Installation Manual

PDF Download

Fiamma Awning f45 L Installation Instruction Screenshot

Fiamma Awning f45 L – Adapter Brackets

Fiamma Awning f45 L – Freight Logistics

Package Box Sizes
  • 4.5m
    • (L) 480cm x (W) 21cm x (H) 15cm x (Kg) 38
  • 5.0m
    • (L) 530cm x (W) 21cm x (H) 15cm x (Kg) 43
  • 5.5m
    • (L) 580cm x (W) 21cm x (H) 15cm x (Kg) 48
Freight Costs

To obtain a freight quote – use the E-Go Calculator with the steps below:

1. (From section) – Enter in 1 of 3 Warehouse Locations with postcod

  • Meadowbrook, Qld 4131
  • Campbellfield, Vic 3061
  • Canning Vale, WA 6155
  • Alburn, NSW 2144

2. (To section) – Enter in your delivery location with postcode

3. (Goods type) – Enter in package size by dimensions above

4. (Cover section) – Enter in the Cover amount if you require Insurance against transport damage / loss. Or enter in No Cover to have no extra indemnity against you’re item(s)

Insurance Terms & Conditions
  • Please note up to $200 of insurance is included with you’re consignment.
  • To cover goods from transport damage / loss, can a add extra indemnity for:
    • For an additional fee of $1.10, we can offer you up to $50.00 cover, with no
    • For an additional fee of $5.50, we can offer you up to $100.00 cover, with no excess
    • For an additional fee of $16.50, we can offer you up to $250.00 cover, with no excess
    • For an additional fee of $27.50, we can offer you up to $500.00 cover, with $50.00 excess
    • For an additional fee of $44.00, we can offer you up to $1000.00 cover, with $50.00 
  • Please note we take no responsibility for issues with transport logistics.
  • Therefor we will ensure to help you through process if a issue comes to past.
Warehouse Customer Pickup
  • Local customer warehouse pickup can be arranged.
  • Please note warehouse picking times can be up to 72hrs before item(s) are ready for dispatch.
Stock Availability
  • Product qty’s may vary from branch locations and subject to change without notice.
  • A failure by supplier to deliver in accordance with product been sold, may result in different freight costs, backorders and lines been unavailable.

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