Carefree Fiesta Roll-out Awning



The Carefree Awning is a great more than shade!

Looking for a manual, spring loaded, Caravan / RV Awning with vinyl weathergard?

Then the Carefree Awning Fiesta model ticks all the boxes with a multi-layer vinyl canopy which makes one of the best Caravan Awnings For Sale fabrics around.

The Carefree Awning offer great protection from rain, hail or shine. A Roll out Awning Constructed from superior materials and can be fully setup in less than 60 seconds.

Suitable for almost every type of RV including Caravans, Pop-tops and Motorhomes. Plus with our great selection of colours they will add great value to your RV and Caravan Accessories.

Carefree Awning – Features & Benefits



  • Extends and locks the awning in a covered ‘never rust’ extruded aluminium roller


  • The Fiesta rolls out smoothly with little effort and the exclusive auto brake secures the awning in any position.


  • The self storing rafters simply click in and press into position.


  • The Fiesta awning is raised, lowered and secured in the desired position with convenient lift handles.

Carefree Awning Easy No-wand Remote LockCarefree Awning Easy Pull OutCarefree Awning Centre RafterCarefree awning easy lift positioning handle

Choosing Guide
  • Hardware arms come in full van, pop-top and in curved sizes.
  • Suitable for most Caravans, RV’s and Motorhome designs.

Carefree Hardware Kit Options

Technical Features

Canopy Clamps

  • Are built-in and self-storing to keep your awning tight and wrinkle-free from the elements
  • Not available with pop-top hardware kits

Heavy Duty Brackets

  • Brackets are solid, rugged, and match the trim of most RVs
  • The awning arms are white to compliment the trim of your RV and they also have white castings

Single Track Slider

  • On the inside of the arm channels slider eliminates rafter binding during set-up and storage
  • The hardware arm channels are the strongest available and will have years of performance

Remote & Control Locks

  • Works together to ensure awning does not come unlocked during travel
  • A no-wand Remote Lock provides easy operation without the risk of scratching your RV
  • Eliminates the need to stretch, probe and fish for the roller lock

Heavy Duty Brackets Canopy Clamps Single Track Slider Remote & Control Locks

Carefree Awning – Components & Hardware

Carefree Hardware ArmsAwning Single Rope track Carefree Top Mounting Bracket

Carefree Fiesta Component Checklist

Carefree Awning – Canopy Colours


Carefree Vinyl Fades


Carefree Vinyl Stripes

slogan material fiesta

Carefree Awning – Specifications

Hardware Arms

Available in White or Satin coloursCarefree Universal Long Awning Hardware

  • Universal wall fitting
    • 1800mm (H)
  • Pop-top wall fitting
    • 1400m (H)
  • Curved wall fitting
    • 2020mm (H) 120mm of curved offset (Allowing for turn knob)
Awning Roll Lengths

*Measured from centre of mounting bracketsCarefree Awning Measurements Guide

  • 3.0m (10ft) Depth x 2.3m (7ft 6in) Projection
  • 3.3m (11ft) Depth x 2.3m (7ft 6in) Projection
  • 3.6m (12ft) Depth x 2.5m (7ft 6in) Projection
  • 3.9m (13ft) Depth x 2.3m (7ft 6in) Projection
  • 4.2m (14ft) Depth x 2.3m (7ft 6in) Projection
  • 4.5m (15ft) Depth x 2.4m (8ft) Projection
  • 4.8m (16ft) Depth x 2.4m (8ft) Projection
  • 5.1m (17ft) Depth x 2.4m (8ft) Projection
  • 5.4m (18ft) Depth x 2.4m (8ft) Projection
  • 5.7m (19ft) Depth x 2.4m (8ft) Projection
Rope Track Lengths

*May need to cut to required lengthAwning Single Rope track

  • Single – White
    • 4.0m
    • 5.5m
    • 6.0m
  • Double – White
    • 4.0m
    • 5.5m
    • 6.0m

Carefree Awning – Prices

Vinyl Roll Prices

Sizes range from 10ft up to 19ft in 1ft increments

Save 25% when you purchase vinyl roll with Hardware arms kit

*Certain colour styles may incur a surcharge

  • 3.0m (10ft)
    • $524.70 | $935.55 w Hardware
  • 3.3m (11ft)
    • $533.50 | $944.35 w Hardware
  • 3.6m (12ft)
    • $541.20 | $952.05 w Hardware
  • 3.9m (13ft)
    • $558.80 | $969.65 w Hardware
  • 4.2m (14ft)
    • $584.10 | $994.95 w Hardware
  • 4.5m (15ft)
    • $600.60 | $1011.45 w Hardware
  • 4.8m (16ft)
    • $618.20 | $1029.05 w Hardware
  • 5.1m (17ft)
    • $634.70 | $1045.55 w Hardware
  • 5.4m (18ft)
    • $651.20 | $1062.05 w Hardware
  • 5.7m (19ft)
    • $674.30.80 | $1085.15 w Hardware
Hardware Arms Prices 
  • Universal wall fitting
    • $510.99
  • Pop-top wall fitting
    • $510.99
  • Curved wall fitting
    • $777.81
Rope Track Prices
  • 4.5m – 6.5m
    • $30.00 per length

Carefree Awning – Instruction For Use

1.Carefree Opening Awning_12. Carefree Opening Awning_2

3.Carefree Opening Awning_34. Carefree Opening Awning_4

Carefree Awning – Installation Manual

PDF Download

Carefree Awning – Freight Logistics

Awning Roll Package sizes
  • 3.0m / 10ft
    • (L) 350cm x (W) 12cm x (H) 12cm x (Kg) 15
  • 3.3m / 11ft
    • (L) 380cm x (W) 12cm x (H) 12cm x (Kg) 16
  • 3.6m / 12ft
    • (L) 406cm x (W) 12cm x (H) 12cm x (Kg) 17
  • 3.9m / 13ft
    • (L) 454cm x (W) 12cm x (H) 12cm x (Kg) 19
  • 4.2m / 14ft
    • (L) 474cm x (W) 12cm x (H) 12cm x (Kg) 20
  • 4.5m / 15ft
    • (L) 517cm x (W) 12cm x (H) 12cm x (Kg) 22
  • 4.8m / 16ft
    • (L) 560cm x (W) 12cm x (H) 12cm x (Kg) 25
  • 5.1m / 17ft
    • (L) 574cm x (W) 12cm x (H) 12cm x (Kg) 27
  • 5.4m / 18ft
    • (L)588 cm x (W) 12cm x (H) 12cm x (Kg) 29
  • 5.7m / 19ft
    • (L) 600cm x (W) 12cm x (H) 12cm x (Kg) 31
Hardware Arms Kit Package sizes
  • Universal wall fitting
    • (L) 180cm x (W) 20cm x (H) 14cm x (Kg) 14
  • Pop-top wall fitting
    • (L) 180cm x (W) 20cm x (H) 14cm x (Kg) 14
  • Curved wall fitting
    • (L) 225cm x (W) 20cm x (H) 14cm x (Kg) 16
Rope Track Package sizes
  • 4.0m
    • (L) 410cm x (W) 10cm x (H) 10cm x (Kg) 5
  • 5.5m
    • (L) 560cm x (W) 10cm x (H) 10cm x (Kg) 5
  • 6.5m
    • (L) 660cm x (W) 10cm x (H) 10cm x (Kg) 5
Freight Costs

To obtain a freight quote – use the E-Go Calculator with steps below:

1. (From section) – Enter in 1 of 3 warehouse locations with postcode

  • Archerfield, Qld 4108
  • Dandenong South, Vic 3175
  • Welshpool, WA 6106

2. (To section) – Enter in your delivery location with postcode

3. (Goods type) – Enter in package size by dimensions above

  • Hardware Kit (Carton)
  • Awning roll (Tube)
  • Rope Track (Tube)

4. (Cover section) – Enter in the Cover amount if you require Insurance against transport damage / loss. Or enter in No Cover to have no extra indemnity against you’re item(s)

Insurance Terms & Conditions
  • Please note up to $200 of insurance is included with you’re consignment.
  • To cover goods from transport damage / loss, can a add extra indemnity for:
    • For an additional fee of $1.10, we can offer you up to $50.00 cover, with no
    • For an additional fee of $5.50, we can offer you up to $100.00 cover, with no excess
    • For an additional fee of $16.50, we can offer you up to $250.00 cover, with no excess
    • For an additional fee of $27.50, we can offer you up to $500.00 cover, with $50.00 excess
    • For an additional fee of $44.00, we can offer you up to $1000.00 cover, with $50.00 
  • Please note we take no responsibility for issues with transport logistics.
  • Therefor we will ensure to help you through process if a issue comes to past.
Warehouse Customer Pickup
  • Local customer warehouse pickup can be arranged.
  • Please note warehouse picking times can be up to 72hrs before item(s) are ready for dispatch.
Stock Availability
  • Product qty’s may vary from branch locations and subject to change without notice.
  • A failure by supplier to deliver in accordance with product been sold, may result in different freight costs, backorders and lines been unavailable.

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